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Lemco has over 49 years of experience in designing and manufacturing TV signal broadcast and distribution equipment. Renowned for its high standards of quality and wide range of innovative products, it has become established as one of the leading companies in the Greek and worldwide markets. It offers integrated solutions via its wide range product portfolio and technical support services. Lemco specializes in the development, production and distribution of professional equipment that process and delivers the TV signal over RF, IP and Fiber optics interfaces as described below:

  • DTV RF modulators
  • Professional TV headends
  • CATV amplifiers, attenuators etc.
  • SAT multiswitches
  • Fiber Optics distribution solutions (GPON, ONU etc.)
  • IPTV middleware
  • HDMI products series
  • Accessories (i.e. RF splitters, coax cables etc.)

Produced with the most technologically advanced methods and featuring cutting-edge technical features, our high-end product line offers cost-wise, professional solutions, addressing the needs of the Greek and European markets.

Our values

Consistency & Reliability

We consider our word a commitment and our promises a priority. Therefore we operate with honesty and integrity, with our principles and values as a compass.


We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and to keeping our promises. Our primary objective is the provision of products of high quality and standards. This is ensured through quality checks at every stage of the production process.


We anticipate change and seek to be at the forefront of leading electronics technologies. Ongoing research in conjunction with cutting-edge knowledge and creativity guide us constantly towards new and innovative solutions, aimed at offering more sophisticated and efficient products to our customers.

Human Resources

Our philosophy is human-centred, whether it concerns our staff members, customers, partners or suppliers. We promote and support teamwork, embracing each person’s diversity. The continuous development of our employees and the provision of equal educational and training opportunities are central to us. Our work environment is characterized by open communication, trust and fair treatment.

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Certifications & Licenses

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018
CE certificate
What is ISO 9001:2015:

ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard dedicated to Quality Management Systems (QMS). It outlines a framework for improving quality and a vocabulary of understanding for any organization looking to provide products and services that consistently meet the requirements and expectations of customers and other relevant interested parties in the most efficient manner possible. The QMS is the aggregate of all the processes, resources, assets, and cultural values that support the goal of customer satisfaction and organizational efficiency. First published in 1987, the latest iteration (ISO 9001:2015) replaces ISO 9001:2008.

ISO 9001:2015 doesn’t dictate what an organization’s objectives should be or how to achieve them. It’s a flexible standard that allows each organization to define for itself what its objectives and adherence to the standard ought to be. ISO 9001:2015 defines the guiding principles that can be used to create efficiencies by aligning and streamlining processes throughout the organization, in an effort to bring down costs, create new opportunities, meet regulatory requirements, and help organizations expand into new markets in which clients demand ISO 9001 certification, the last of which is increasingly crucial for businesses working in or with the public sector or serving as suppliers in automotive or private OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) scenarios.

In Lemco we have adopted the standards of the ISO 9001:2015 to all our services, internal organization as well as our product manufacturing in order to provide to our customers unparallel quality and efficiency in every possible level. Our constant target is to always move forward and provide the highest possible standards of innovative and supreme quality products.

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