LC-1200 is a coaxial cable with a copper core and a triple shield, class A.

Price is per meter.


Main Conduitø 1.00mm pure copper
Insulationø 4.80mm skin-foam-skin
External Conductor1st aluminum foil bonded to insulation
+ copper tin wired mesh
+ 2nd aluminum strip
External Investingø 6.70mm PVC white lead-free
Electrical Features
Advanced Resistance75 ±3 Ohm
Capacity53 pF/m
Speed rate (v/c)0.82
Investment control voltage4 KV
Shielding (Zt)Zt 5-30 MHz < 5 mOhm/m
Shielding (As 30-1000Mhz)> 85 dB
Shielding (As 1000-2000 MHz)> 75 dB
Shielding (As 2000-3000 MHz)> 65 dB
Shielding Class (EN 50117)A
Nominal losses (dB / 100m)
100 MHz6.3
400 MHz12.5
860 MHz19.2
1000 MHz21.3
1500 MHz26.2
1750 MHz28.5
2150 MHz32.5
2400 MHz34.0
3000 MHz38.0
Mechanical features
Minimum Bending Radius35 mm for a bend
70 mm for repeated bends


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