www.lemco.gr, henceforth the Website, is the "Lemco P.C.", henceforth the Company's official website and business-to-business e-shop.

1. Specific elements – e-shop information

The Website belongs to the company called "Lemco Co", trading under the name "Lemco Electronics"

Company activity: manufacturer, trading
Company HQ: Latheas 46 - 13678 Acharnai, Greece
VAT Number: EL 998993849
E-mail: info@lemco.gr, support@lemco.gr
Telephone number for any inquiry: +30 210 2811401, +30 210 2405237

The use of our e-shop and your purchases on it are determined and governed by the stipulations and provisions below. Before using the Website's e-shop, please read carefully and make sure you have understood and agree with said provisions, rules, declarations and provisions, since further use of the site and your navigation on the Website implies your explicit and non-provisional acceptance and agreement.

General Terms and Conditions for Business to Business (B2B) Agreements

The present terms and conditions constitute the General Terms and Conditions for the agreements entered into between Lemco and its customers (hereinafter: the "Customer") relating to the supply of Lemco's products. Any change to the present General Terms and Conditions shall take effect one (1) month following its announcement to Customer.

1. Entering into force
The Customer is subject to the present General Terms and Conditions by its registration to the Lemco's website. Upon placement of each Purchase Order, the present General Terms and Conditions automatically apply to such Purchase Order. Each Purchase Order, together with the present General Terms and Conditions and any agreement entered into between the parties constitutes the parties' sole commercial agreement in relation to the purchase of Lemco's Products. For the avoidance of doubt, the business relationship of Lemco and Customer is regulated by the following binding documents in the following order:
i. Any agreement entered into between Lemco and Customer;
ii. each Purchase Order;
iii. the present General Terms and Conditions.

Lemco's electronic acknowledgement of each Customer's Purchase Order or commencement of performance constitutes Lemco's acceptance of the relevant Purchase Order. The Customer has the right to revoke each Purchase Order at any time prior to its acceptance or prior to commencement of performance by the Lemco.

2. Definitions
2.1. "Deliverables" means the products specified in each Purchase Order.

2.2. "Intellectual Property Rights" means any and all tangible and intangible: (i) copyright and/or other rights associated with works/products of Lemco anywhere in the world, including but not limited to copyrights, neighboring rights, moral rights and all derivative/related rights thereof; (ii) trademark and trade name rights and similar rights; (iii) trade secret rights; (iv) patents, designs, algorithms, utility models, and other industrial property rights, and all improvements thereto; (v) all other intellectual and industrial property rights (of every kind and nature throughout the world and however designated) whether arising by operation of law, contract, license, or otherwise; and (vi) all registrations, applications, renewals, extensions, continuations, divisions, or reissues thereof now or hereafter in force (including any rights in any of the foregoing).

2.3. "Products" means tangible goods of Lemco as same are specified in the Purchase Order.

2.4. "Services" means any services that the Lemco has agreed in a separate agreement to perform for Buyer or as same are specified in the Purchase Order.

2.5. "Subcontractor" means a third party performing works or supplying products to Customer or Lemco under an agreement with Lemco.

2.6. "Lemco Personnel" means Lemco's management, employees, and/ or agents.

2.7. "Works" means the Deliverables/Products and/or Services specified in the Purchase Order.

3. Scope of Works
3.1 The scope of works undertaken by the Lemco is specified by any agreement entered into between the parties and the purchase order. The scope of works might include only the supply of products (i.e. a supply agreement) or also the performance of services (i.e. a works agreement).

4. Delivery of Products
4.1. The Lemco must provide Products to Customer that are new, free of any liens, encumbrances and/or third parties' rights.

4.2. Inventory Title Pass: Ex Works Lemco's warehouse at Latheas 46, Acharnes, Attica, Greece.

4.3. Title to and risk of loss or damage to the Products shall pass from Lemco to Customer upon delivery of the Products, unless otherwise provided in specific agreements between Lemco and Customer concerning transportation of goods (e.g. bills of lading). The Customer shall have fourteen [14] days after delivery to inspect delivered Products prior to accepting them. In case of hidden defect, Customer shall have five [5] days after becoming aware of the hidden defect to notify Lemco of the non-conformity and Lemco shall at its own cost immediately withdraw the non-conforming Products and shall replace them at its own cost without delay.

4.4. The Lemco, upon acceptance of a Purchase Order, undertakes a best efforts obligation to dispatch the Products to Customer as soon as possible.

5. Price and Payment Terms
5.1 Lemco shall invoice Customer in Euros on the wholesale price, as the same is each time defined by Lemco, and as the same may be amended from time to time by Lemco at its sole discretion. The Lemco's price for the products are net, i.e. without including any taxes, levies, customs, delivery charges, duties or any other charges relating to the sale or transport of products, which burden exclusively the Customer. It is clarified that the price for the Products will be paid to the Lemco in full, without any deductions.

5.2. Customer shall pay the price for the Products, as the same is specified in the purchase order, when it receives written confirmation from Lemco regarding a placed Purchase Order. Lemco shall invoice Customer by issuing relevant invoices based on applicable Greek legislation.

Lemco may, in its sole and absolute discretion, and after having notified the Customer, set a credit limit, which (credit limit) may be periodically revised. In case such credit limit is exceeded, Lemco shall have the right to stop performing its obligations for as long as the credit limit is exceeded. The Lemco shall be entitled to reject any or all Purchase Orders placed by the Customer in this case.

6. Delivery and Acceptance of Works under a Works Agreement
6.1. If, the Lemco has entered into a works agreement with Customer, the Lemco shall deliver the works it has agreed upon with Customer within the deadline agreed upon and under the terms and conditions provided into a relevant works agreement, if any.

6.2. The Customer shall pay to Lemco the remuneration agreed upon for the performance of the works in full, under the terms and conditions agreed pursuant to the works agreement between them. The remuneration shall be paid in full without any deduction of taxes, duties, customs or any other transportation related cost, which shall burden exclusively the Customer.

6.3. The Customer has the right to cancel the works agreement but is obliged to compensate the Lemco for any expenses and the remuneration they have agreed and up to the point the Lemco has performed the project.

7. Warranty
7.1. Lemco provides to Customer warranty for faulty Products under the following terms:
i. The Product is a defective product in the sense that it bears a fault or is not proper for its intended use by the Customer;
ii. the fault or malfunction of the Product cannot be attributed to improper use by the Customer;
iii. the Product is a Lemco's product. No third party products are covered by Lemco's warranty.

7.2. If a Product is covered by Lemco's warranty, the Customer has the right to request for repair or replacement at Lemco's expense.

7.3. The Lemco does not assume any other responsibility with regards to the Products. Especially, the Lemco bears no responsibility for any direct or consequential loss or damage of the Customer relating to the Products in any way whatsoever.

8. Service of Products
8.1. The Customer has the right to request services for the Products.

8.2. The Lemco undertakes to repair or replace faulty Products at no cost to Customer, provided that such Products are covered by warranty terms, as provided in clause 7 above.

8.3. Products not covered by warranty shall be replaced or repaired after relevant agreement between the parties. In such case, costs relating to repair, replacement as well as any transportation cost thereof shall burden exclusively the Customer.

9. Term and Termination
9.1 Any agreement between the parties shall remain in full force and effect until otherwise agreed or until the agreement is terminated by either party.

9.2 A purchase order cannot be revoked after it has been confirmed by the Lemco. If so revoked, the Customer must remunerate the Lemco for any products already dispatched to Customer or any works performed until the termination was announced to the Lemco. In such case, the Lemco shall be entitled to a proportionate amount of remuneration per the works completed.

9.3. Any agreement between the parties may be terminated with immediate effect at any time by Lemco by giving written notice to Customer if:
(a) Customer challenges the validity or ownership by Lemco of any of its trademarks, other Intellectual Property rights over the Products and/or its trade secrets; (b) Customer is in breach of any of its obligations under the relevant agreement, including a failure to pay due amounts on time, and, where such breach is capable of remedy, fails to remedy the same within thirty (30) days of a written notice from Lemco specifying the breach, without prejudice to any right of Lemco to bring claims for damages and losses; (c) The Customer, or any of the member of its Board of Directors, or its managers or employees carry out any action which discredits the corporate image of Lemco the image of any of its Trademarks and/or Intellectual Property Rights or harms its advertising. (d) There is a transaction that could result in a change of control of the Customer and no approval by Lemco has been given to Customer for such change.

9.4. Either party (the "Terminating Party") may terminate any agreement at any time by giving written notice to the other party (the "Non Terminating Party"), in the event that:
(a) the Non-Terminating Party becomes insolvent or bankrupt, enters into wind-up process or liquidation or the like, makes a distribution of assets for the benefit of its creditors or offers or causes a receiver, administrative receiver or liquidator to be appointed in respect of the whole or any part of its assets or undertakes or undergoes some similar or equivalent process in its place of business; (b) the Non-Terminating Party otherwise breaches any agreement in force and, where such breach is capable of remedy, fails to remedy to such breach within thirty (30) days of a written notice from the Terminating Party specifying the breach; such termination is without prejudice to the right of the Terminating Party to claim for damages resulting from the termination or the breach of the Non-Terminating Party.

9.5. Upon termination, all amounts that Customer owes to Lemco and all amounts that Lemco owes to Customer, if any, become immediately due and payable.

10. Confidential Information
10.1 "Confidential Information" means all information (however recorded, preserved or disclosed) whether commercial, financial, technical or otherwise including without limitation all secret or confidential information disclosed by a disclosing party to the receiving party in whatever form, together with all analyses, compilations, data, studies or other documents prepared by the receiving party which are derived from or in connection with such information or which contain or are based in whole or in part upon such information, and including but not limited to:
(a) the fact that discussions and negotiations are taking place concerning business transactions of the parties and the status of those discussions and negotiations;
(b) the existence and terms of any agreement between the parties;
(c) any information that would be regarded as confidential by a reasonable business person relating to: (i) the business, affairs, customers, clients, Lemcos, plans, intentions, or market opportunities of the disclosing party and its affiliated entities; and (ii) the operations, processes, product information, know-how, designs, trade secrets or technology of the disclosing party and its affiliated entities;
(d) any information or analysis derived from Confidential Information;
(e) any information which is marked as "Confidential" by the disclosing party at the time of disclosure;
(f) if in doubt, any exchanged information is considered to be "Confidential Information".

10.2. The receiving party may not disclose any Confidential Information of the disclosing party for the whole duration of their agreement and for two years following termination of their agreement for any reason whatsoever.

10.3 Within the framework of their cooperation, the Parties are likely to exchange information containing personal data. "Personal Data" for the purposes of the present are data relating to a natural person and that can lead to its identification (such as name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number etc.). Both Parties represent and warrant that they will protect and safeguard any Personal Data coming to their possession both in physical and electronic format. By way of example, the Parties undertake to enforce and apply internal company procedures to safeguard that:
i. They have received the consent of the Personal Data subject to share with the other party, if legally needed.
ii. Personal Data Are kept safe, locked and encrypted;
iii. are being shared with persons not having a legitimate interest,
iv. are being disclosed to third parties outside the company and the like.

The Parties undertake to respect all Personal Data Protection Laws and especially the European General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679.

11. Compliance with Laws
Both Customer and Lemco represent and warrant they will comply with all applicable local and national laws and regulations pertaining to their performance of their obligations under any agreement. Either party's failure to comply with this provision shall constitute a material breach of their agreement.

12. Governing Law
This present, and all matters relating to it, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Greece (without giving effect to the choice of law principles thereof). Any action or proceeding arising out of or relating to this present shall be brought and maintained exclusively in the Courts of Athens. The parties specifically disclaim the application of the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.