LEMCO's new Multiswitches utilize new generation components that provide zero port failure, work at low signal levels with high isolation, and have low energy consumption by using an SMPS power supply unit. The outer case is made completely out of ZAMAK, providing high quality of construction, high endurance even in the most extreme environments and superior electromagnetic shielding.

PSU not included.


Inputs8 SAT + 1 TER
Outputs8 SAT + 1 TER / 20
LNBQuad & Quattro
LNB feed14V–18V / 22KHz
Frequency rangeSAT 950-2150 Mhz
TER 47-870 Mhz
Connection GainSAT +2dB ±1
TER -1dB ±2
Cascadeloss SAT -5dB ±1
TER -5dB ±1
Output Level102dBμV (IMA 3)
Total current draw (/w LNB)650 mA (18v DC)
Decoupling SAT/TERMore than 38dB
Decoupling SAT/SATMore than 34dB
Decoupling Subscriber/SubscriberMore than 34dB
Subscriber port protectionup to 100 volt
Distribution length for each subscriber100 meters
Subscriber control systemLED
Terrestrial digital broadcast supportYes
HD broadcast supportYes
Port locking systems adaptationYes
Dimensions240mm x 200mm x 30mm
Warranty2 years

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